Steer your business

Infrarch Cloud Office is a web-based application for managing your business. It allows you to access your documents across the Internet and provides features like correspondence management, registration of invoices, internal instructions registry, timesheets, file sharing and many others. The system is accessed using a browser and requires no software to be installed on client computers.

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Infrarch Cloud Office runs on your server. This lets you control the service and not depend on others. If you already have a server, or planning to get one, a self-hosted document management system is likely to be the best solution.

And if you wish to avoid the hassle of IT infrastructure maintenance, Infrarch Cloud Office may be installed on a virtual server.

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Collaborate with your team

Working together is easy with Infrarch Cloud Office. The users can all work on the same documents and see the latest versions at the same time. All revisions are kept together with the name of their authors and comments.

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The flexible user management allows users and groups of users to access specific areas and modules of the system. Rights to view or even upload files may be given to subcontractors or clients.

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Manage your paperwork

Incoming and outgoing correspondence is easy to store and find. Letters are sorted by date and can be retreived by reference, author, subject, etc. Chains of letters (conversations) are also supported.

Incoming correspondence can be forwarded to the persons responsible for acting through the messaging module.

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Incoming and outgoing payments and invoices may be registered and monitored to determine payments overdue.

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Organize your team

When issued formal internal instructions are visible only to the persons they concern and administrators. Instructions are automatically archived after their term expires.

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Monitor team's workload with integrated support of timesheets. Team's timesheets can be analysed to determine critical activities and help improve efficiency.

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Share data

Files are easy to share with business partners. The secure file sharing links ensure that only the persons that have them may access the data. These links are valid for a certain period and are automatically deleted after it expires.

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Other features

You can limit the incoming connections to the document management system to only selected Internet addresses, or allow anyone to connect, or completely isolate your system from the outside world. It is all under your control.

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You can change the appearance of the system by setting your logo, title and color scheme.

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The internal messaging module allows users to exchange files, receive notifications and tasks from the rest of the team. All communication is kept within the system.

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All important user actions are being logged and may be later analyzed.

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